FIBERNET is a network of dedicated researchers with the vision to develop clinical tools for modulating the fibrotic phenotypes involved in many human diseases. The network began in 2014 and has grown organically to encompass all major clinical specialties treating patients challenged by fibrosis. FIBERNET is open to any labs interested in the Netherlands. Fibrosis network


Translational research from man to molecule forms the heart of FIBERNET. Our labs have to offer a variety of models, such as fibrosis in animals, ex vivo patient tissue, 3D cell culture, as well as bioengineered material. We have a large collection of fibrotic tissues derived from our patients, which we use to interrogate the complex processes contributing to fibrosis. Research Fibernet


FIBERNET has set four major goals:

  • Unravel the molecular pathways by which inflammation drives fibrosis.
  • Identify final common / disease-specific pathways that lead to fibrosis in multiple chronic inflammatory conditions
  • Identify biomarkers for early diagnosis & treatment response
  • Translate the molecular pathways to pre-clinical targets using state of the art “disease in a dish models”, experimental models and a systems medicine approach
    Partner up with pharma partners in early clinical developmental paths.