Dr. Roel de Weger

Weger de ZW

Roel de Weger studied Biology at the University of Utrecht (NL) and did his Master in Immunology at the University of Birmingham (GB) in 1977. Thereafter, he did a PhD in Tumor-immunology at the University of Utrecht (NL).

Since 1982 his is head of the Unit Molecular and Immunopathology and involved in the Molecular diagnostics of Tumors by immunohisto-chemistry, in situ hybridization and molecular diagnostics. Next Generation Sequencing was introduced in October 2013 as standard mutation diagnostics for tumors. His research is focused on translational pathology, by tissue analysis both in cancer and cardiovascular research. His main research subject is on heart transplantation studying initially acute rejection mechanisms, but more recently on fibrosis pathways in chronic coronary allograft vasculopathy.

Also the processes leading to fibrosis in heart remodeling after left ventricular assist device implantation is part of his research. The regulation by miRNAs in these cardiovascular processes have his major interest. He has (co-) authored more than 200 articles in peer reviewed journals and was preceptor in 15 PhD-theses. He is also involved in several teaching courses in immunology, pathology, and molecular pathology for medical and biomedical students both at bachelor and master level.